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The Funabiki Lab

throughout the years

Past Postdocs:

- Alexander E. Kelly
Principal investigator
  Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  Chromosome Dynamics and Genome Stability Section
  National Cancer Institute
  Center for Cancer Research

- David Wynne
Assistant Professor
  The University of Portland

- Lisa Postow
Program Director
  Division of Lung Diseases
  National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

- Oliver Leismann
   Disease Area Manager

   Novartis Germany Nuremberg

- Christian Zierhut
   Team Leader
   Genome Stability and Innate Immunity Team
   The Institute of Cancer Research
, London

- Simona Giunta
   Principal investigator
   University of Rome, Italy

Past Students:

- Boo Shan Tseng
Assistant Professor
  University of Nevada Las Vegas

- Michael Wheelock
Advanced Insights Lead, EY Knowledge
  Assistant Director
  Ernst & Young

- Eileen Woo
Associate Director, Regeneron

- John Xue
Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company

- Cristina Ghenoiu
SVP of R&D Operations and New Product Planning
  Epirium Bio

- Srinath C. Sampath
Co-founder, Function oncology Inc.
   Assistant Clinical Professor of Radiology

   University of California, San Diego

- Jessica Kumar (Rosenberg)
VP, Director of Medical Strategy, 21 GRAMS

- Pavan Choppakatla
Postdoc, Princeton University, New Jersey

Past Research Assistants:

- Maria Paredes

  Medical School Student
   Albert Einstein College of Medicine

- Ryan Kim
  Ph.D. Candidate, Dept. of Biology
   Massachusetts Institute of Technology

- Leena Sen
  Ph.D. candidate, Dept. of Chemical Biology

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