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Lab Events

Lab retreat: August 2023 @ Hudson Valley Estate, Monroe, NY


by HAK

We enjoyed:
1) Homemade food made by lab members - As delicious as always

2) Chalk talks from all members -
A lot of discussion and future directions :)

3) Much group bonding through table games :)

4) Hiking (easier trail than last year)


Welcome, Nick!!
Nick is the newest me
mber of our lab. He is joining as a Postdoc.
He has already shown his cooking skills at our retreat!! (but no photo... sorry...)

↑ Beautiful kitchen wz 2 guys

↑ Beautiful place wz pool!

↑ Night poker session

↑ Chalk Talk sessions!

↑ Spring roll session

↑ Yiming's "real" Chinese meals

Farewell luncheon for Leena: July 2023

by HAK


We say goodbye to our beloved research assistant, Leena (a.k.a. painter in the Funabiki Lab) who is off on an exciting new adventure as a grad. student at Yale University!

Enjoy your science there and good luck in your next phase of life!


Lab retreat: August 2022 @ Salisbury Mills, NY

by HAK


↑ our friend in wild


We enjoyed:
1) Homemade food made by lab members

**Great BBQ (HF/YA), Salad (IW), Soup (RMS), Chicken sandwich (HAK), Spam rice/Egg roll (CAL), Chinese dinner (YN), French toast (HF), Chaat (LPS)**
2) Chalk talks from all members
** Discussed our future directions!
3) Much group bonding
 ** Jenga, Taboo, Coup! WE ARE TWO DUKES! GIVE THE TAX!
4) Hiking at Black Rock Forest
** Hiro chose the extreme trails, which caused enough pain to Yasu...
What will we do next year?


↑ Perfect day for hiking

↑ cute bee


This is how a PI should look! ↑

Funabiki Lab Group Photo, July 2022


Funabiki Lab 2022 July (photo by Jun)
Also marking 20 years since the Funabiki lab's beginning in 2002!

by HAK

Lunch with Ryan, June 2022


Ryan, our previous research assistant, visited us to say Hi and catch up!
Thank you for visiting us and see you next year maybe :)

by HAK

Painting party and Lab holiday dinner, December 2021 🌆・🍷・🍖


← What an artistic activity in the lab! We drew a Landscape Painting (some ppl didn't though).
Which painting do you like?

​↓ We had a wonderful dinner at the Japanese BBQ place (YAKINIKU!!). We enjoyed fresh meats, beer, and sake!!


by HAK

Funabiki Lab 2022 🙌


We welcome Calvin to the lab as our newest Postdoc! From Guam, and he completed his PhD in the Chatterjee lab at University of Washington!
We also welcome Yiming as a grad. student!

by HAK

Congrats🍷, Pavan for his Ph.D. and postdoc position;
Ryan for his new adventure in Boston;
Welcome Leena!!, June 2021/September 2021


(Maybe) sentimental Pavan:
We are pretty sure that you'll do great science in the next place as well!!


Ryan in a great photo:
We hope you'll enjoy your
new place and your science!!

We say goodbye to our beloved colleagues, Dr. Choppakatla (a.k.a. Pavan) who begins a new journey as a postdoc in Princeton, and Ryan (a.k.a. pastry chef in the Funabiki Lab) who dives into a new adventure as a grad. student in Boston!! 
We also welcome Leena to the lab as our new research assistant!

by HAK

So Long Christian! Welcome Isabel!, December 2020/January 2021 @ Central park

The lab trying to get a jumping shot at Christian's goodbye hangout...

Hiro's homemade cheesecake!

Here's Christian modeling his frog beanie knitted by Rochelle!

Our newest lab member, Isabel, getting the perfect shot!

We say goodbye to our Research Associate Christian, who begins his own lab at the Institute of Cancer Research in London! Follow his website here
We also welcome Isabel to the lab as our newest Post-Doc! Hailing from the Netherlands, she completed her DPhil in the Esashi lab at Oxford!

by RK

Poker Night, April 2020 @ Zoom (virtual)

Poker night 2.png
Poker night 1.png

Some of us decided to have silly backgrounds

We were able to stay connected and have fun playing poker even in the midst of COVID-19.

Also congrats to Maria, who was accepted to the MD program at Albert Einstein!

by RK

Lab Retreat @ Rockefeller Field Research Center, Jan 2020


We enjoyed:

1) Homemade food made by the lab members

    * An assortment of different cultural dishes

2) Chalk talks conducted by all members

    * There were great ideas and excellent discussions!

3) Much group bonding
    * Poker Night (Yasu is great at bluffing!)

4) Experiencing the beautiful nature of upstate NY

    * Really clear morning air!

What will we do next?

by HAK

2019 Holiday Hangout, December 2019

Lab holiday party.jpg
Game night.jpg

Catan @ Hex & Co

Our annual holiday hangout was a rainy one, but was full of fun and good food!


Dinner @ Bella Blu

by RK

Friendsgiving Potluck, November 2019


Yasu manning his soba station!

We had a wonderful Friendsgiving Potluck with our lab neighbors, the Alushin lab!

by RK

Sperm Preparation, May 2019


by HAK

Wow! Look at Hiro doing an experiment!

Chris Graduates, June 2018


Congratulations to Dr.  Chris Jenness!

Check our alum page to see what Chris is up to these days!

by RK

Mike Graduates, June 2017

by RK

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Wheelock!

Check our alum page to see what Mike is up to these days!

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