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Research Assistant Positions


There is no open position for RA

Job Description:

       Help assist in research on mitosis and cancer biology by:

  • Managing ordering and receiving of supplies and equipment

  • Acting as a liaison with vendors, university administration departments, animal facility and laboratory safety

  • Conducting molecular biology, cell biology, and/or biochemistry experiments, related to the mechanisms that maintain genome integrity and chromosome architectures, and the mechanisms that respond to mitotic failures (which are frequently observed in cancers)


  • Bachelor's degree in biology and a minimum of 1 year of research experience in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, cancer biology, or immunology.

  • Knowledge in sterile techniques, chemical handling, and recombinant DNA techniques is essential.

  • Experience in protein analyses and tissue culture cells is preferred.

  • Job commitment of two years is preferred.

  • The ability to have constructive discussions and contribute to a healthy, creative lab environment

  • Have a strong work ethic

  • The ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds

How to apply...

Applications should be sent via email to

Prof. Hironori Funabiki <> with a CV, a brief description of past research experience, and contact information of at least two references.

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