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Xenopus egg extracts system

The Awesome Power of Xenopus Egg extracts:

Since its original invention by Yoshiro Masui and establishment by Andrew Murray, Xenopus egg extracts have contributed to a number of major discoveries in Cell Cycle and Cell Biology field. Many innovative research approaches can only be accomplished by the Xenopus system.

Key features:

  1. Unique cell-free system, where highly complex physiological processes, such as nuclear formation, DNA replication, DNA damage response, mitotic chromosome compaction, spindle formation, and sister chromatid separation can be recapitulated by exogenous DNA sources.

  2. Cell cycle can autonomously oscillate even without chromosomes and transcription

  3. Specific proteins can be depleted by immunodepletion, which can be rescued by recombinant proteins or mRNAs

  4. High concentration proteins, such as core histones, can even be depleted

  5. High reproducibility for biochemistry and proteomics experiments

  6. Ideal for quantitative analysis

Mitotic chromosome events in egg extracts:

Spindle assembly on sperm chromosomes in metaphase extracts

- DNA - Tubulin

Chromosome segregation

in anaphase

- DNA - Tubulin

Spindle assembly

on DNA-beads


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